Back yard building...literally

Jeff Ilse bio photo By Jeff Ilse

Since I was building the hulls indoors in my Uncle’s shop 4 hours away from home, I decided to work in parallel on smaller parts that could be built in my garage. The big ones were of course the central cabin and the cross beams shown below, but there’s a seemingly endless list of other small projects. Everything from rudders to hatches and battery boxes. I got some very strange looks from neighbors driving through the alley. It’s hard to imagine the cabin as part of a boat if you’re not familiar with the design. By itself, it looks like the top of a storm troopers helmet or some WWI tank.

I was able to slightly bring up the temperature in the garage with electric heaters, so I was able to build later into the fall. The cabin took up nearly the entire single stall garage, so I built it on a frame with wheels. I think it weighed around 500lbs and I could push it like a shopping cart.

looking aft. This was only a sampling of the crazy number of various clamps I acquired during the project.

the water tank. There was an interior design in the plans, but it’s meant to be changed to fit your equipment. I stuck pretty close to the suggested layout

galley storage. As each bit of the interior was finished, it made life easier since I now had a place for supplies and tools. The epoxy wouldn’t even be cured and I’d be gleefully filling the new space with stuff.

Looking forward.

the main cross beams that hold the boat together

cross section of the beams

time to move to the boat yard