Spring Projects

Jeff Ilse bio photo By Jeff Ilse

After 7 years of building and last spring with a huge list of additional projects, it was a great relief to have such a short list of work to do this spring. I would’ve preferred to be launched already since we’ve had some nice days, but I have a few projects that need warm weather and must be out of the water to be done. So, I wait.

It has been a little of everything this year. I’ve been improving the interior with lots of little upgrades. After two seasons living aboard, I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work. It’s a bit of a challenge to show pictures of the interor right now because every surface is covered in tools or supplies.

I’m making some tweaks to the rigging/sail plan by adding a spinnaker and making some experimental projects from last season permanent since they worked so well. Really, I just wanted an excuse to dust off my splicing skills and do some rope work again.

I’ve got lots of “like-to-have” projects on the backlog, but I’m taking it easy. Things were pretty good on the boat, so I’m not going to knock myself out this spring to make it that much better. I’ll get to them in time. The funny thing is that this spring feels like nothing, but it’s probably more hours than I ever spent prepping previous boats for the water. Maybe someday I’ll just be able to clean a few things up and launch. Someday.

Without pictures there is no post…

I had to make a few trips up the mast because Selden messed up the VHF cable when they assembled the mast. I couldn’t figure why I had such terrible reception last year…now I know.

A spinnaker from a previous boat seems like it will fit close enough for learning on.

patching up another old sail

tools tools everywhere

projects aren’t the only thing holding me back from sleeping aboard. It’s cold!