Mackinac Straights

Jeff Ilse bio photo By Jeff Ilse

This next stretch was a slog. I waited as long as I could in Les Cheneaux Islands, but i needed to be underway. I spent 70 miles slamming into headwinds and waves in the narrow mackinaw straights. I was so happy to arrive in Charlevoix, but as it turns out, this place was way to fancy for me. However, it was a well protected anchorage which are few and far between in this part of Lake Michigan, so I stayed for a few days and… You guessed it. Worked. I was badly missing my cove and the loons in Les Cheneaux.

Approaching the Mackinac bridge.

Leaving the Mac bridge.

There were lots of shallow reefs, so it took extra vigilance through here.

Passing into the fancy pants, but well protected Lake Charlevoix